About the Book:

A small mining community museum is burglarized. A man vanishes and is assumed murdered. Harley Davidson hasn’t always made the right choices. She’s trying to turn that around. But when an ex-boyfriend vanishes along with antiques from the local museum where she volunteers and fingers point to her, Harley’s life spins out of control while she digs into the past to find clues to the mystery behind the town—and perhaps, find the missing man. Old treasures never unearthed. Dark secrets undiscovered and better left alone. An old mining town with a mysterious past and perhaps, a doomed future. And, of course, a bit of romance. Harley’s not looking for romance. But while she’s discovering the dark secrets of her town and trying to convince her grandpa she can be a part of his ragtag baseball team dreaming of competing in the local Brandy Mountain Big Ball Tournament, she has a chance encounter with not only her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, but a man who certainly isn’t her type, but shares her love of the mystery in which she is unwillingly entangled.

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