Shay Lawless loves finding adventures and traveling down old, dirt roads toward the more rugged and wild parts of the Midwest and South. After college, she pursued her dream of farming, writing, and literature. Along the way, she began to rescue old horses and always has a barn-full of stray animals.

When she's not cleaning stalls, riding her horses, hiking, and writing, she's always looking for an adventure. Shay finds herself stuck more often than not, on muddy back roads in her jeep searching for the remnants of old ghost towns and discovering ghost stories and mysteries that come with them. Some of these, she passes on to you, her readers in her books. She is the author of romance suspense novels including: Redneck Run, Dead Broke Hearts, Dark Pines, The Dance Card, Whiskey Tango, Ghost Town, The Secret Life of Rosie Mauer, Wallflower, The Boney Dump, Lost Hollow, and Monster Collector.